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Term 1 Blog



Firstly, we can only start by saying how incredibly excited we are for our PGL next week - it's literally all we can talk about! "The excitement of arriving there and seeing our cabins is tremendous!" was declared by Emily and Lewis as we began our discussion for this blog. We are all mostly excited to experience the food. Mr Godden is hoping that we enjoy the activities as much!


We have some great news regarding our team captains!! Please find below the members of our class that have been appointed as a team captain.


- Mollie (Yellow team)

- Hannah (Red team)

- Amelie (Blue team) 

- Emily S (Green team)


This week, we have been enjoying our first round of SATs practice - though some don't agree with the enjoyment part quite so much! However, all have done marvelously well and kept smiling through - well done!


In English we have spent our term looking into Shakleton and his expeditions. This week, we have finally reached the discovery of the "Endurance" and the excitement is palpable. We will writing our very own newspaper articles on the discovery and therefore any home research on this would be fantastic. 

We look forward to updating you all again soon.


Woodpeckers! :)