Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand




At Lady Joanna Thornhill Primary School, we believe that our approach to the Geography curriculum is perfectly aligned with our four key values of collaboration, curiosity, compassion and resilience. Our vision is for every child to leave us with the investigation and enquiry skills required to be an excellent geographer underpinned with the knowledge and understanding of deeper geographical concepts. An interest in Geography should be life-long and the skills developed are transferable to a wealth of other curriculum areas.

Our Geography curriculum supports learning for the head, heart and hand.

Geography for the Head:

We want your child to acquire an understanding of the world by asking and answering questions and going on to find out about the earth and the effects of human activity upon it. We want them to think about unresolved issues, people, cultures and natural environments and how they as individuals are part of our world.

Geography for the Heart:

We want them to experience the excitement of Geography, fostering and inspiring their natural curiosity and fascination. We encourage them to appreciate the similarities and differences they encounter when finding out about the diverse nature of people and places. We hope they feel motivated to learn and persevere and enjoy exchanging ideas and opinions.

Geography for the Hand:

We want your child to gain a sense of the real world brought into the classroom whilst providing the opportunities to be outside and investigating. Fieldwork provides the opportunity to explore and venture outdoors to see geographical processes in action – going, seeing and doing in collaboration with their peers – in other words, real world learning of their surroundings first-hand.


Geography Sequence of Learning