Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

Term 3

Thursday 22nd February 2024


Hello everyone,

It's wonderful to be back together and hear all about the exciting adventures the children had during their break.


This week, we have delved into our science topic for the term, 'Animals including Humans' and have kicked things off by exploring the human body. The children had a blast tracing around each other and identifying the different parts of their bodies. I am truly impressed by how much we all know about ourselves!


In English, we have dived into the timeless classic 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. This enchanting tale follows a young boy named Max who, after being sent to bed without supper, ventures into a magical world filled with wild creatures. The story beautifully captures themes of imagination, adventure, and the warmth of home. We have had lots of fun and giggles, drawing our own wild characters and bringing the story to life through actions.


In our mathematics lessons this week, our main focus has been on counting within the range of 11-20. To lay a solid foundation, we kicked off our exploration with an activity aimed at reinforcing the concept of numbers that precede and succeed others, while also delving into the vocabulary associated with numbers up to twenty. To enhance our understanding, we have utilised a variety of manipulatives and relied on our trusty number tracks as visual aids to ensure secure understanding. 


This week in Art, we delved into the concept of art and creativity, exploring various forms and examples. We began by recalling our discussions from last term, reminiscing about the artist we looked at and her perspective on art. We emphasised that art is about fun, growth, and self-expression, likening drawing to storytelling through pictures. Drawing inspiration from Sally Maxwell's approach, we discussed how art can take on diverse mediums and forms, from drawing and painting to sculpting and cooking. In an engaging partner/group activity, we set up a station showcasing different artistic disciplines such as pottery, painting, drawing, architecture, and cooking, encouraging the children to discuss each example before coming back together to examine the similarities and differences between these disciplines. We noted how each involves unique processes and techniques and explored the functions of art in various occupations, prompting the children to consider how different artistic activities serve practical or decorative purposes. 


Keep up the good work everyone!