Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

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This week, we have been really focusing on reading and look at our amazing statistics for this month! - Week 7

We were answering the questions 'How and why do the lengths of shadows change over the course of the day?' - Week 6

Here is our Space research and Doodler designs! - Week 5

Here are our learning highlights from the first three weeks of term!

  • Learning about Space​

  • Writing a fact file and character description of an animal ​

  • Starting to learn how to draw a self portrait ​

  • Learning about deserts

  • Learning about how religion affects people's lives ​

  • Listening to others talk about their family ​

  • Understanding what makes a positive and negative role model

  • Working with others in Rugby and Yoga​

  • Listening to speeches and voting for a class school council rep.

  • Sharing ideas in English.

  • Playing dice games in maths. 

  • We were visited by Rock Steady​

  • We have weekly lessons with Buster learning the guitar

  • Listening to speeches and voting for a class school council rep