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This term, we are doing handball in P.E and dance on Fridays. In handball, we learnt how to pass, which was a fun start to the term. We will now be doing art on Thursdays, rather than Friday.  We will be starting our new topic, all about the Vikings and recognising their patterns and designs. We are also very excited because Mr Connolly will be teaching us music every Friday.  We love his singing assemblies so we know we'll enjoy it! Reading Floodland was such a success last term, that we have decided to read another gripping text this term too.  We are reading Beowulf! We can't leave our blog without mentioning pancake day which we celebrated on Tuesday. We enjoyed an array of fillings, including chocolate spread, jam, lemon, blueberries and maple syrup. Yum!cheeky



Buster came in again this week and we had a guitar lesson with him. We are learning to play the Seven Nation Army. In history, we are learning about trading. We used cards to trade to get the best resources. In English, we are writing a narrative which includes speech.  We are trying to master the Magic 6 to help help us format our speech punctuation. We continued with handball in P.E and played a game.  It was so fun.  this morning, we have got a full morning of art.  We are learning about how to work with clay, including making coils, slips and how to score.



As part of STEM week,  we had a special assembly with a geologist from GEOPark, we learnt about different soils, rocks and chalk from Dover to London. We also conducted a science experiment. We had a mixture of materials including twigs, salt, water, sand, paper clips and rice. We used different tools to separate these elements. In maths, we estimated the area of compound shapes. We also learnt line graphs and how to read them using X and Y axis. In English we are editing our narrative text based on the Beowulf and finally in music, we learnt how to play Seven Nations Army by White Stripes using guitars. 



In maths, we have started looking at timetables.  We are very excited that tomorrow we are doing art and we will be making our clay crests.  We will use coils, slips and scoring to make our work amazing! In English, we are writing a playscript of Beowulf's fight with Grendel. We're going to add lots of detail so our actors have clear instructions. 



On Monday, Bethan, Florence and Violet (along with a number of other children from our school) took part in a very exciting dance competition at a theatre in Chatham. Out of 18 schools, our team came a very respectable 4th place, narrowly missing out on the finals in Oxford by 1 point! But didn't they do well!! Today, we are very excited about painting our clay crests that we had a lot of fun making last week. We have finally finished writing our play scripts based on the book, Beowulf and we can't wait to act them out later today. 

Our Viking ships!

We are learning about viking art and using clay to make our own knots and snake heads.