Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

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Welcome to the Wagtail Class Blog!


15th September 2022

We are all very excited to be back at school and have enjoyed starting a number of new topics. In English we are learning about 'Intrepid Explorers' and have studied the achievements of Matthew Henson: the first man to reach the North Pole. We are now looking at Shackleton and are curious to discover the fate of the crew of 'The Endurance' after the ship was crushed by the ice in the Antarctic. In History we are learning about Dover Castle and enjoyed our lesson on the Roman pharos still standing on the site today. We have also been lucky enough to have extra PE sessions this term and have enjoyed our first cricket sessions, alongside our usual PE slots of Netball and Leadership. Finally we have welcomed a new classmate at the start of the term and have worked hard to make sure he feels welcome and at home at Lady J.


We are looking forward to next week's learning, which will include more on our Science topic, evolution and inheritance!


22nd September 2022


This week in Maths we have been learning about inverse and we are now confident in the commutative law. We have also enjoyed some fabulous Art lessons. We have been studying Sarah Winkler and this week we looked at how she creates textures and had a go ourselves. We have continued our English learning by creating a diary entry as a member of Shackleton's crew. Some of us this week were also lucky enough to go to the cricket ground in Canterbury and watch some cricket - they had a fabulous time!


Next week we will be doing more of our leadership learning in PE and we are excited to be able to apply what we are learning about leading sports and games. We are also looking forward to a music teacher joining us on Friday afternoons to give us whole class lessons!