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Term 6

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Wagtails Class Blog Friday 15th July
It is our last ever Friday at Lady J!

This week, we performed Peter Pan to the whole school and it was filmed by Stuart. Fox Class enjoyed it so much that they have drawn us some lovely pictures of their favourite moments and characters!
Even though the performance went really well, we’re still practising a lot and have worked hard on the transitions between scenes.

We have been busy making our Memory Museums in preparation for the Open Evening next Monday – we hope you’ll enjoy seeing all of our projects inspired by our memories.

On Tuesday in Science, we learned about coloured light and how filters can affect the colours we see. On Wednesday in Rights, we learned about Article 35 and the right not to be trafficked; we discussed the recent news about Sir Mo Farah and how it was relevant to our lesson. We also conducted an investigation in Maths into the effects of the wingspan of a paper aeroplane on how far it would fly.

Today we are bringing home our reports and SATs results and this evening there is a Year 6 Leavers’ Disco!

It’s due to be very hot again next week, so we are going to keep hydrated and stay cool.


Have a great weekend!

Woodpeckers class blog 15th July.

We can’t believe that it is our last Friday of primary school, but we know we’ve still got lots to learn and do before the end of the year!
At the beginning of the week we did a full dress rehearsal in front of the whole school! We had lots of brilliant feedback from staff and children and we are proud of what we did. It was soooooooo hot we were all very sweaty! The children of Fox class enjoyed our play so much they created a thank you card full of pictures of the characters of the play. We were overjoyed with this and it really meant a lot. 
We have almost finished our memory museums too. We will be showcasing them on Monday afterschool during the open evening. We hope that you can all come and have a look!
In science, we were finding out how we see colour and were using colour theory to create secret messages. 
In Maths, we were measuring the wingspan of different paper aeroplanes and investigating what the ideal length is for a successful flight! The best length was around 5.5 cm per wing! During this lesson, we went to the library to be measured and weighed by the nurses.
We’ve started to plan for the Leavers’ assembly which we will be performing on Thursday next week. 

Wagtails Class Blog Friday 8th July

Today we got lockers in the corridor instead of pegs, we are doing a music festival and also getting our leavers’ hoodies. There is also a cake sale after school.

Yesterday was Sports Day and we competed in track and field events such as: javelin, relay, distance, hurdles, sprint, discus, long jump – there was even a teachers’ relay! Yellow Team won and everyone competed well (there were only three points between 1st and 2nd place!).

This Tuesday and Wednesday was transition afternoons for the rest of the school so the year 6 classes played some fun games on the field such as: capture the flag and kick rounders.

We have been rehearsing like crazy and brought in our costumes this week – we are going to do a dress rehearsal today and then the official dress rehearsal to the whole school is on Monday! We will be filming the dress rehearsal on Monday, which will be the version that parents and carers keep. Yesterday, we did a full run-through without any teachers’ support and, despite there being some small things to work on, we did really well.

Have a great weekend!

Woodpeckers Class blog: 8th July!
This week we did our first full run through of our production! It went really well with only a few mistakes which we will be working on next week, ready to show the parents on the 19th and 20th July!
We started going to lunch at 12 rather than 10 to 12. It felt like we had more time to run around and it was nice to have lunch as a whole year group, rather than Woodpeckers and Wagtails separately.
We also had SPORTS DAY! It was soooooo much fun! Well done to all teams and congratulations to YELLOWS!!! We really enjoyed watching the teacher relay and then the parent sprint too!
We’ve had a very active week with all of our play practices, playing kick rounders and capture the flag too! 
We are looking forward to our dress rehearsal on Monday where we will be performing in front of the WHOLE school! Also, we can’t wait to get our Leavers’ hoodies too!

Wagtails Class Blog Friday 1st July

We have been busy this week! On Monday, we started creating our Memory Museums (you'll get to see them at the Open Evening at the end of term!) and in the afternoon we had a whole-school photo - we were at the very top and it was very high!


On Tuesday morning, we went to Ashford Fire Station (near Flip Out) for Safety in Action. It was a session about how to keep ourselves and others safe, including:

  • CPR and DRAB (Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing)
  • ASB (Anti-Social Behaviour)
  • Water Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • School Attendance
  • Substance Abuse
  • Stress and Well-Being
  • Road Safety
  • Knife Crime


A lot of us have been visiting our secondary schools for transition days this week and we have: participated in Science activities; made some electronic models; competed in a tug of war; played some Samba music; been introduced to our new communities/form groups and mentors - we can't wait to go there as Year 7s in September!


This evening, we have our Prom and we are feeling excited about it!


Our dress rehearsal for our production is only just over a week away so we are working really hard to get our costumes ready and make sure that we all know our lines perfectly for an outstanding performance.


Have a great weekend!

Woodpeckers Class Blog: Friday 1st July 2022:
What a busy week we have had in Year 6!
On Tuesday, we had a school trip! We went to Ashford Fire Station to do a Safety in Action workshop. We did workshops on:
-    Water safety
-    CPR
-    Fire Safety
-    Knife crime
-    Drugs and alcohol
-    School attendance
-    Road safety
-    Mental Health
-    Anti-social behaviour
Lots of the children had their secondary school transitions this week. Some were nervous but have seen all of the incredible things they will be doing next year- so now they are really excited. Some made Lego robots, making light switches in DT, controlling robots in computing, singing a Samba song in music and much, much more!
On Thursday, there were only 10 children in across the year group, so we were hard at work making set and props for our up-and-coming play! 

Woodpecker Class Blog: 23rd June

On Saturday we had some children compete in a football match. They played superbly and managed to get to the semi-final! We also had our summer fair where lots of children danced their socks off in the rain, celebrating the Queen's Jubilee! Thank you to all who came :)


It has been a great week this week! We have been doing lots of rehearsals and have been working on getting 'off-script'. We have been rehearsing all of our scenes and songs and we can start to see it come together as a full show now. Some of us had rehearsals for our solo songs which is helping to improve our confidence. 


Some members of year 6 went to a cricket tournament. The Lady J team 2 came 9th out of 16 teams and The Lady J team 1 came 1st! This is an amazing achievement and the whole school are so proud of you. The children from team 1 are really excited as this means the get to compete in the final in Sittingbourne! Good luck!


Yesterday, we had an interhouse sports competition, where all of the children in the school competed for their team colours! We don't know who has won just yet but we can't wait to find out! In year 6 we played rounders. Miss Lee wants to give a special shout out to Josh, Fergus and Tomaso, who were a force to be reckoned with in their trio of bowling, backstop and first base skills!


Afterschool, a team of KS2 children went to Spring Grove to compete in an athletics tournament against 2 other schools (Chartham and Spring Grove). WE WON! YAYYYYYY! Only 3 points ahead of 2nd place!



Wagtails Blog Friday 17th June

On Monday in celebration assembly, people were awarded certificates for any school value, which are:

  • Collaboration
  • Compassion
  • Curiosity
  • Resilience

or our three school rules. They are:

  • Aim High
  • Stay Safe
  • Be Respectful

Anayah was awarded a certificate this week for curiosity, as she was so involved and engaged with the Maths bakery project last week.


This week we have been practising our play scenes to prepare for the show and today we have been given our costume lists, so we will begin preparing them at home and at school.


Today is non-school uniform day because we were bringing in some chocolate or a bottle for the summer fair; we are excited to be part of the summer fair tomorrow!


In Maths, we have begun a project on planning a holiday, which requires us to be creative and resourceful. After looking at Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream last week, in English this week, we have been writing a character description of either Oberon, Titania or Puck. In Reading, we have been working on summarising sections of the play. In Science, we made periscopes; they work by using mirrors to reflect the light, so that we could see over objects, just like in submarines. In Rights, we wrote a poem about Articles 19 and 34:


Articles 19 and 34 – A Poem written in our Rights lesson by Year 6

Abuse and neglect are wrong – Article 19 tells us.
We have the right to be safe
From sexual abuse – Article 34.


Abuse can be verbal or physical
It can also be sexual,
Which means inappropriate touching
Or being asked or made to show
Our private parts.
These are the parts covered by our underwear –
We say NO!


Some secrets should never be kept,
Even if the person tells you not to share.
We should all have trusted adults,
We tell them when it happens.


Parents, teachers, family members,
Even the police – 
Tell someone.
Speak out. Stay safe.


Have a great weekend!

Woodpeckers Class blog 17th June


We are in full swing with our play rehearsals which is fantastic! Scene 4 and 5 have been particular highlights. It's nice being able to do practical lessons instead of sitting in the hot classrooms! 


We started the week doing Harry Potter themed maths where we choose House Challenges from Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. We even looked at some maths based magic tricks!


Now that the sun is out, we are really enjoying the opportunity to go out onto the field; playing football, being slow-cooked by the sun (as Joe and Gina put it!) and pestering Mr Smith! Some of us even spent some time hanging out with Bob in the sunshine whilst he was eating his lunch.


In English, we have been looking at how to create a detailed character description using:

- similes

- metaphors

- personification

- hyperbole

... and so much more!  

Wagtails blog Friday 10th June

In Wagtails this week we have been planning our chocolate cake recipes during Maths lessons and are excited to make them this morning! There will be a competition to see which group makes the best cakes judged by appearance, logo, brand name and packaging.


In English, we have been debating an event from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. The class split into two sides: for and against whether Oberon and Puck should have intervened with the characters' relationships – this led to an interesting debate!


On Thursday, a group of Year 6 children went to a tennis competition and are proud to say that two of our teams will be going to Bromley next week to compete in the finals.

Woodpeckers class blog 10th June


On Thursday, a number of Year 6 entered an all-day Tennis tournament. Jasper & Fergus, Oscar & Tomaso made it to the final which will take place next week. They all came back really positive and happy from this experience. 

In English the year 6 are reading A Midsummers Night Dream. We are writing a balanced argument based on whether Oberon and Puck should have intervened in the love triangle between Lysander, Hermia, Helena and Demetrious.

We are looking forward to making cupcakes in our maths lesson today. We are focusing on real life maths problems in Maths such as measuring out ingredients, making nets for the packaging, costing for the ingredients and looking at amounts and adapting them for a given number of cakes. We are designing logos for our packaging too.

We have been enjoying reading through our play scripts, beginning our scene one rehearsals and continuing to learn the songs without the words. Some of us are practicing our solo singing parts! Some of us have been lucky enough to begin learning our dance routines too. We will be continuing our rehearsals next week.

Across the school trials are taking place for the sports day events.