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Term 6

This term our topic will be ‘Gallery Rebels’. The children will learn about the science of colour including the colour wheel and how chromatography works.  They will also be learning about different artistic movements of the 19th and 20th centuries and having a go at creating their own masterpieces in the style of different artists. Your children can also look forward to meeting two local artists: Katherine Turner and Rick Garland.


Katherine Turner is an artist from Canterbury who creates both realistic and abstract art. She is also a published children’s author who writes and illustrates books.


Rick Garland, who has a studio in Bilting, is an artist who has previously worked as an illustrator and now works as a fine artist. His work has been exhibited in galleries in both the UK and USA.


Term 6 is a very busy time for Year 6. In addition to their 'Gallery Rebels' topic, the children will also be learning songs, practising dances, rehearsing lines and creating props for their play. Many children will also be learning how to dance around a maypole in preparation for the summer fayre. We hope you can come along and watch! All of the children will also take part in a range of transition activities in order to prepare them for secondary school.