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Term 3 Blog

Thursday 5th January 2023


Happy New Year - welcome to 2023 in Woodpeckers!


PE days are now: MONDAY and THURSDAY.


We kicked off our term with a whole year group drama, reenacting the original version of Sleeping Beauty. We will spend the rest of this week and the beginning of next week writing our very own version of the tale, which we all look forward to telling our parents about when we get home. 


In science, we have started a new topic of learning about the human body and in particular the circulatory system. 


"The beating you hear is actually the valves opening and closing." (Grace)


"Deoxygenated blood cells go to your lungs to become oxygenated before they travel back to the heart to be pumped to the body" (Josh)


"Veins bring blood back to the heart and arteries pump blood out through the rest of the body." (Annabel)


"Deoxygenated blood is darker red." (Hannah).


We are very excited to also be starting a text called, 'The Wedding Ghost' in reading this week, which will then become our writing topic for the term. 



Thursday 12th January 2023


Hello again and welcome our report of week 2 of Term 3. 


Firstly, we would like to say that some of our class (Millie, Mollie, Amelie, Hannah, Grace & Harlow) were lucky enough to take part in an Athletics competition at the Stour Centre on Monday; they came 11th out of 20 school! Not too bad, we think - well done to those that took part!


The rest of us had a very wet and muddy Monday afternoon with Miss Lewis - who made us army crawl in the mud to get us used to being muddy - as we kicked off our tag rugby learning in PE. 


Mr Godden's maths group have absolutely smashed their learning about proportion and ratio - utterly amazing! Mrs Coxall and Mrs Weiss' group have also been doing some amazing learning - even getting to the answers before the adults!


In Literacy we have delved deeper into the Wedding Ghost and have begun to start describing Jack. We are working very hard to up-level our punctuation and sentence structure (playing with clauses and their place within a sentence) as we describe the character of Jack, who is somewhat mysterious and creepy; ask us at home about him, if you dare.


That's our main highlights for this week and we look forward to telling you (and hopefully showing you) more next week!




Thursday 19th January 2023


Hola! We have had a very exciting week this week with many great things happening. Some of us were fortunate enough to head to the O2 Arena to take part in Young Voices 2023, some of us will be competing in a football match against St. Teresas, some of us have been setting up and running our very own new nature table and some have even been canvassing parents on the playground for new ideas towards our Lady Joanna Legacy list. 


In Literacy, we have continued our writing based around the Wedding Ghost and have been up-levelling our story telling by using ADD (Action, Dialogue & Description) to move our stories along. 


In Science, we made our own blood! If you ask me about the four main components of blood, I should be able to tell you all about them! Please see the picture of our blood below!



In Maths, we have been working hard to become more confident with our understanding of what goes on past the decimal place! We know the columns, we can add and subtract decimals and we can confidently multiply them too! We just have dividing decimals to go.


PE is always one of our favourite subjects and tag rugby keeps bringing us so much fun and joy! 


We are very much so looking forward to our Geography trip next week, based all around Wye! If there's anything that any family members know or have from a previous time in Wye - that would help us to understand the history of the village - then we would very much appreciate any sharing. 


Until next time! Have a lovely week.