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Term 4 

Week 4 - 14.03.2024


This week we have spent some time getting to know our new class teacher. 

Her name is Ms. Burton.

She has been in to see us before and taught us a lesson with pasta!

Ms. Burton studied in Australia and has been teaching in the UK for 10 years. 

We are very excited! 

Hopefully we will get to see some pictures of her two cats soon! 



Week 2 - 29.2.2024

We have had a busy week this week, learning about perimeter, writing a  biography and learning a new song in music.

We also completed an important PANTS lesson.

Privates are private!

Always remember your body belongs to you.

No means no!

Tell an adult that you trust!

Speak up!

We know what a respectful and disrespectful choice might be and understand how to make good choices. 

Week 1 - 22.2.2024

This week we have been starting our new topic - Ancient Greece 

We all dressed up for Greek day - it was really fun!


Faith - "It was very fun!"

Chloe - "I liked learning about the myth of Heracles!"

Jaza - "I liked performing and acting out the myth."

Greek Day Pictures

Term 3 

Week 5 - 1.2.2024 - Our Learning 

This week we have been reviewing our learning and talking about pieces of work/ home learning that we are really proud of. 


Home Learning Celebration



Week 4 - 26.01.202 - Panto and Science

It's been another busy and successful week in Parrot Class. We enjoyed watching the performance of 'Aladdin' yesterday, it was so lovely to see all the children joining in and having fun. 


In Science, this week we have been working hard to create circuits and testing our knowledge of conductors and insulators. The children really impressed us with their scientific knowledge and reasoning skills - well done. 


Week 2 - 11.01.2024 - Volcanoes!


This week as part of our English and Geography lessons we have been learning about volcanoes. We have been labelling, following and writing instructions for how to make a model volcano.  


We worked in groups to make our own model and enjoyed making the erupt. 


Thomas - 'We erupted our volcano - it was really fun!'

Indie - Fun fact - ' If you want your volcano to erupt higher pour the vinegar in quickly!'

Jaza - 'When the volcano erupted it was really messy and smelly!'

Arthur - ' The vinegar smelt like rotten cheese.'




Term 2


Class Blog - 9.11.2023


This week we have  started a new class book - Leonardo da Vinci's Life of Inventions by Jake Williams. 

We have learnt about Leonardo - where he was born, what he did as a young child and how he became famous. 


He had a very interesting life and was incredibly curious (which is our focus for this term).

Leonardo enjoyed painting, his most famous painting is probably The Mona Lisa, which we learnt was stolen.


Mila and Amelia told us 'he also enjoyed sketching horses, he had to be quick about it as they could run up to 70 km per hour.'

Elliott told us ' Leonardo was fascinated by horses and studied them'.


He was also a famous inventor - he invented the mechanical bat, helicopter, diving suit and many more.

Duncan told us ' He was the first person to invent an armoured car.'


Audra and Chloe stated that 'Leonardo studies human anatomy which helped him to draw humans.'

Rosa added 'Leonardo studied the insides of people - Yuck! 


We are looking forward to learning more about Leonardo. 



Class Blog - 16.11.2023


This week in Maths we have been taking part in the TTRS - England Rocks competition. 


All the children have taken part and spend some of their maths lessons completing a variety of TTRS activities. 


Parrot Class have enjoyed 


Raghav - 'I've enjoyed studio sessions.'

Nye - 'I like the garage activities.' 

Thomas - 'I like sound check!'


We are great at times tables!  


Class Blog - 6.12.2023


Rights Respecting School Assembly - What have we learnt this term?


This term we have been learning about climate change and the Rights Respecting Campaign. 


Henri H-J and Thomas - 'We have learnt about farming and how cattle produce methane gas. When cows fart they produce this which damages our planet. At school we have meat free Monday's to reduce the amount of meat we eat.'


Aengus and Jaza - 'We have learnt that climate change is changing animals lives and destroying their habitats'.


Arthur -' Deforestation and natural disasters are destroying animals homes - monkeys have to evacuate their trees'. 


Yurii - ' The temperature is going higher! The Earth is getting hotter.'


Emma - ' The ice is melting and animals that live there are losing their homes - this includes polar bears and penguins.' 


Indie - ' We need to protect the Earth so that there can be more sea-life and stop pollution.'  


Parrot Class are working hard to support the environment and slow down climate change. 




Roman Museum/ Beaney Museum Trip in Canterbury


Last Friday Year 4 went on an amazing school trip to Canterbury.

It was the first time Year 4 children had been on a trip this year and we had never been on the train before.

We had a special carriage reserved for us!


We visited the Beaney Museum and The Roman Museum in Canterbury - we were so lucky to get to visit both!


Best Bits!

Aengus - ' I thought the train was excellent - it was so quick!' 

Chloe - 'I like it in the Beaney Museum - they had massive painting the size of a whole wall! They also had tiny ones.'

Raghav - 'I liked dressing up in the Roman Museum!'

Jaza - 'I liked how the Beaney Museum had different rooms - some of the things were really unusual.'

Indie - 'I liked the Roman Museum - they had a house with different rooms.'

Yurii - 'I enjoyed doing the worksheet for the Beaney Museum.'

Duncan - '  I like the weird objects.'

Art - ' I loved the gift shop.'

Thomas - ' I liked it in the Romans Museum- finding out about the WW2 bomb and the discovery of the Roman artifacts'. 

Elliott - 'I liked dressing up as a Roman soldier.' 


We had a fantastic time, even thought our feet were tired from all the walking! :) 



Term 1


Class Blog - Week 1 



Welcome Back! 


This week in Science we have started to learn about States of Matter. 

Mrs Laslett helped us to learn about the 3 states of matter using balloons. We all learnt that the states are solids, liquids and gases. We also learnt about semi-liquids and semi-solids. 


We have had a fantastic start to the year and we are looking forward to starting our ukulele lessons next week. 

Class Blog - Week 3 


Tin Forest - Our Creation 


This week we brought junk modelling bits and pieces in to create our own tin forest. 


Ethan - 'There is so much detail, you can't count it!'

Jaza - 'Everyone's creations were unique.'

Ariana - 'Our tin forest looks like the book illustrations!' 

Amber - 'Our tin forest is shiny, you could get blinded by the shine.'

Audra - ' We used sooo much tin foil!' 

Art - 'Art is nothing but art itself.' 

Aengus - ' We all made detailed animals out of foil'. 


Miss Murphy - 'Everyone worked incredibly hard and created some amazing and wonderful pieces for our tin forest display. All the adults are very impressed and proud!'



Tin Forest Photos

Class Blog - Week 4 


Music - Ukulele

This week we have had our 3rd music lesson with the lovely Ms Edmondson. 

We are really starting to get into the musical groove! 


Jaza - 'I learnt a new song, it was funky!'

Audra - 'I enjoyed learning and making our own song.'

Henri H-J - ' The music made me feel chilled.'

Duncan - 'It was rocking!'

Emma - ' I've learnt two new songs. Animal fair and thumb brush strum. It was exciting.'

Faith - 'I liked it when we made up our own song!'


Ukulele Lesson 3

Class Blog - Week 5 


History - The Romans and Celts 

This week in History we have been learning about the Romans invading Britain and how the Celts tried to defend their land. 

Miss Young taught us a game - Rock, Paper, Scissors and Catapults. 

Miss Murphy taught us about Hadrian's Wall, we learnt it was 6m high and 3m wide. We built Lego models to show what we had learnt - we included milecastles and forts. 

Hadrian's Wall - Lego

Week 6 

English - Drama 

This week we have been writing playscripts and acting. 

We have been retelling the story of The Tin Forest in groups.


Jaza - 'I enjoyed the drama and working as a team.'


Jasmine - 'When we did drama I liked working with my friends and collaborating with my friends.' 


Sophia - ' My group showed resilience when we were working together. '




Week 7 - 19.10.2023

DT Week - Book Sleeves 


This week for DT week we have been exploring, designing and making our own fabric book sleeves.


Henri - 'I've learnt how to sow - I can sow running stitch.'

Jaza - 'It takes a long time but most of us have been successful.'

Elliott - 'It was easy once you knew how, but you have to keep going.'

Raghav  - 'It was hard sewing the buttons, but they worked really well.'


Pictures of DT Week