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Class Blog - Week 1 



Welcome Back! 


This week in Science we have started to learn about States of Matter. 

Mrs Laslett helped us to learn about the 3 states of matter using balloons. We all learnt that the states are solids, liquids and gases. We also learnt about semi-liquids and semi-solids. 


We have had a fantastic start to the year and we are looking forward to starting our ukulele lessons next week. 

Class Blog - Week 3 


Tin Forest - Our Creation 


This week we brought junk modelling bits and pieces in to create our own tin forest. 


Ethan - 'There is so much detail, you can't count it!'

Jaza - 'Everyone's creations were unique.'

Ariana - 'Our tin forest looks like the book illustrations!' 

Amber - 'Our tin forest is shiny, you could get blinded by the shine.'

Audra - ' We used sooo much tin foil!' 

Art - 'Art is nothing but art itself.' 

Aengus - ' We all made detailed animals out of foil'. 


Miss Murphy - 'Everyone worked incredibly hard and created some amazing and wonderful pieces for our tin forest display. All the adults are very impressed and proud!'



Tin Forest Photos

Class Blog - Week 4 



Music - Ukulele


This week we have had our 3rd music lesson with the lovely Ms Edmondson. 

We are really starting to get into the musical groove! 


Jaza - 'I learnt a new song, it was funky!'

Audra - 'I enjoyed learning and making our own song.'

Henri H-J - ' The music made me feel chilled.'

Duncan - 'It was rocking!'

Emma - ' I've learnt two new songs. Animal fair and thumb brush strum. It was exciting.'

Faith - 'I liked it when we made up our own song!'


Ukulele Lesson 3