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Year 2

Our year group motto - Rabbits and Squirrels - A story about friendship!

 Year 2  2019 - 2020 

Our fabulous year 2 dance - we hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for waiting so patiently. Here are the year 2 children with their fabulous dancing. We certainly do feel so much better 'when we're dancing'...…..

A huge thank you to all of the year 2 team for their help and support. Mrs Read kindly helped with the lovely rainbow pictures, Miss Tonna reminded me of the song that we sing so often in choir and Mrs Short introduced me to a couple of editing secrets.

Miss Ward has learnt a new skill in video editing and has had SO much fun. 

Most importantly a HUGE thank you to the fabulous year 2 children (on and off screen) and their parents.

A little reminder that this video shouldn't be shared on Social Media.  If you would like family and friends to share this amazing video please direct them to this page. 


Thanks again for all of your help with it x.