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Wye Curriculum, We Care

Lady Joanna Thornhill curriculum: Enjoyment of learning. Joyful Learning. Fearless Learning. A Thirst for learning


We believe in a curriculum based on enrichment and experiential learning, where children have opportunities to learn outside and to be creative. It is an inclusive curriculum, accessible to everyone. In our curriculum, children will learn subjects through engaging topics. There will be a balance between skills, subjects, knowledge and understanding – learning will be cross-curricular.


We believe that children should have opportunities to develop a wide variety of skills. They should self-reflect and learn to question. Teachers will provide opportunities for collaboration and the sharing of ideas. Children will be encouraged to challenge themselves.


There will be the opportunity for child-led learning across the school and regular open ended activities will give children the opportunity to be problem solvers. Teachers will provide a variety of tasks and resources whilst catering for different learning styles.


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