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Puffin Class Blog

Puffin’s last class blog of 2022! 15/12/2022
Last Friday, we started to make our fairground rides- it was so messy and fun! We finished them off on Monday and saw them all spin round!
On Monday, we have a fun filled day! We made Christmas hats which we have been wearing all week! We also had the amazing opportunity to watch the KS1 Nativity. Ms Foster also let us play in the snow!
On Tuesday, we were so proud of our Reception Buddies! We watched them for their dress rehearsal of their song practise- they were so cute! They sang; Jingle Bells, Feliz Navidad and When Santa got stuck up the chimney. After the show we got to spend time with them and got to have cuddles and say hi! We couldn’t go outside or in the music room for PE so we did mindful colouring and a Christmas quiz. We were very busy on Tuesday, because we also got to film our Christmas song and throw the ‘snowballs’ at the cameraman!
Today we got to perform our poems. We acted and moved around during them and even learned them off by heart! We felt nervous but we are proud of ourselves for performing them. In maths, we made snowflakes and were estimating the fraction of the amount of paper we cut away! We had our Christmas dinner today too… YUMMY!


Puffins Class Blog: 01/12/22

Christmas started in our class on Monday, when we were listening to Christmas songs and created mini gingerbread houses to stick on our class Christmas hampers! Make sure you keep an eye out for it at the Christmas fair this Saturday (3rd December)!
On Tuesday, we split our PE lesson into two. We started with stretching and relaxation and then finished with a really hardcore workout and meditation. Today in PE we are going to be doing OAA in PE, where we will be out on the field creating our own team-building games!
In Science on Wednesday, we were making parachutes. We were investigating which parachute fell the slowest. We made three different parachutes to find our answer. We could change; the size of the parachute; the material of the parachute; the weight on the parachute or the length of the string. However, to make it a fair test we could only change 1 thing. 
We have been doing lots of different maths involving fractions this week too! 

Puffins class blog: 24/11/22
We were very lucky, on Monday, to have watched the first half of the first England game of the World Cup. We promised that we would continue to work hard in our computing lessons so we could watch it at the same time. In the end we found out that England won – 6-2!
Yesterday, we did a science investigation about air resistance. We had to run around the playground holding different sized pieces of paper. When there was more pressure on the paper there was more air resistance. We discovered that the A2 piece of paper had the most air resistance and the A6 piece of paper had the least!
We also were talking about children’s rights and we shared our wishes for every child. Please look out for these on this week’s newsletter!
Some of us took part in a dance audition for a national competition next year! Everyone performed soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo well that we have a second round today!
We are starting to learn our Christmas song: ‘What Christmas Means To Me’, by Stevie Wonder. We look forward to showing you the surprise at the end of the term! 
We have really worked together and have had a happy week and we all have a sense of success!

Puffins Class Blog. 17/11/2022

We enjoyed Geography this week. We were learning about different coastlines and how they are formed. We were finding out the chronology of how coastlines were formed and next week we are going to be drawing images to represent this!
We have been writing a biography in English about Aprille Ericsson-Jackson. We have been learning all about her and her incredible achievements. Our favourite facts are:
     -    She helped with the James Webb telescope design
     -    She taught Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering at Howard and Bowie State Universities
     -    She works at NASA in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)
     -    Her favourite comic is Batman- The Caped Crusader (this is because he uses his brain and she likes to use hers too)
     -    She encourages more women and people from minority groups to get involved with jobs involving STEM. 
Yesterday we did a really cool science lesson. We tested friction by using different materials that toy cars could roll on. We had to create a ramp out of books and mini whiteboards. We could then choose to cover our ramp in a material or put the material at the bottom of the ramp. We then had to record our results. Some of us measured using a stopwatch and others used a ruler. We discovered that the smoother materials had the least amount of friction and the bumpier materials has more friction. Thomas was surprised when his group used cardboard and wood. He thought that the wood would have been faster because he felt that it was smoother than the cardboard. 
Tom was also part of a Science Quiz online. He, along with 3 other students across year 5 and 6 came 14th out of 65 schools, meaning they have qualified to the next round! They also got a shout out from the quiz master for being one of the few primary schools attending!