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Friday Blog


This week started with the exciting whole-school photo that happened just as the rain began! On Wednesday, we went to Reculver. We were feeling really excited. At Reculver , we went rock pooling and found some crabs. A nice lady called Anna told us lots of interesting things about the animals that live on the seashore there. We found out how to identify a green-shore crab as a boy or girl by looking at their bottoms! After that, we did geocashing at some Roman ruins. It was so much fun running around trying to find the clues to break the code. In class we did some maths tests which we found extremely hard but we took part and persevered! 

In class, we did some collage of a scene in the book the wind and the Willows. We used lots of fantastic materials and different textured fabrics. We are also really happy with our new lockers which make our corridors nice and tidy!


Class Blog by the whole class!


Today we have been doing some tie-dye for our Art project where we will be creating a river-side collage inspired by Wind in The Willows. In maths, we have been taught decimals (mainly by Mrs. Kwouk) which has been really good. In English we have been writing a setting description of Lizard Street from Krindlekrax.

It has been amazing meeting our new Year R buddies!! On Wednesday we had our inter-house rounders tournament and some of also went to Spring Grove for an inter-schools athletics competition..which we WON!!

A very bust week in Year 4..



Friday blog by Emily T-J and Sai

First of all some great news is that we have both qualified for the Kent Tennis Championships to be held in Bromley next week. Yesterday, we competed against lots of other children from places like St. Margaret's and Deal and we really enjoyed the day. We are feeling excited and nervous for next week but we will try our best! 


We have been enjoying Krindlekrax which is the best book ever! Annabel's favourite character is Wendy and Isaac's favourite character is Elvis! Today we are going to be writing a diary entry about Corky the caretaker and his fight with a crocodile in the sewers...


Some children have been working to create an amazing cardboard orchestra and the final performance day is today! We have really enjoyed doing this it's been brilliant. 


Have a great weekend everyone!

Emily and Sai x

Friday Reflection by Yasmina and Henry


Hi Yaz and Henry here! This week in maths, we have been subtracting fractions from whole numbers, converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers, simplifying fractions and finding fractions of a set of objects.

Mrs Kwouk challenged some of us with some really tricky problems which we had to work together to solve.

Throughout the week, we have learned how to use apostrophes correctly and did a test today to show off how much we know. We also learned how to punctuate speech correctly. We have been doing some extra music lessons this week and have learned about pulse, rhythm and pitch. Next week, we will be learning about mountains and volcanoes in geography which we are really looking forward to.

Friday Reflection by Hugo and Jessica


This week in maths it has been challenging but we persevered and can now find equivalent fractions and we have started to be able to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. In English, we wrote information booklets about refugees. The highlight of our week was making torches. We already knew how to make circuits from our science learning in term 4 and we were amazed that we could use this knowledge to make working torches! In PE, we have continued to enjoy athletics, rounders and badminton.

Friday Reflection by Gae and Bethan


Hi it is Bethan and Gae , with a little update about what we have been up to this week. We have enjoyed PE this week - badminton, rounders and athletics. We have been learning about equivalent fractions in maths which has been easy peasy! ha ha! In English we made posters about not spreading rumours and also we have done some research about week we are going to write a report about them and use lots of facts. 

Have a good weekend and have fun! Enjoy your bank holidays!

From Bethan and Gae