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Puffin Class Blog

Puffin’s class blog 30/03/2023

Last week, in art, we created our very own Viking crests out of clay. We have been learning how to use different clay techniques to create Viking knots and Viking animals. We are painting them today!


A poet, called Tom Dellahunt, came in to school and we were lucky enough to have an assembly and a Q&A with him. He read us one of his books called, ‘The Wandering Lamb’. It was really good and based on him and his life.


We started the week with a bang! Some of our class went to represent our school at ‘The Great Big Dance-Off’. There were 2 teams who came 4th and 5th out of 20 other schools! A huge CONGRATULATIONS to both teams!

On Monday, we had a whole day of PSHE! We learnt about money, budgeting (using a NatWest game), income, how to read a pay slip…. lots of life skills.


We are getting ready for our class assembly on Friday! We hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Puffin’s Class blog 16/03/2023

This week we have been lucky to have had 2 science lessons! It is STEM week after all! Yesterday, we had to use our knowledge of separating different materials. We had been given alien soup and we had to discover all of the different ingredients! We used sieves, magnets, spoons, beakers, funnels, measuring tubes, filter paper and pots to help us! In the other lesson on Monday, Mrs K lit a candle and put a jar over it. After a while the flame went out- we had to try to discover why that happened. We were looking at other irreversible changes too. 

In computing, we were working in pairs to create our own stop-motion videos. We learnt that we had to take a photo of a figurine and then move it very slightly and then take another photo. Did you know that you need about 12 photos to make 1 second of film. Mrs K has set us the challenge to figure out roughly how many photos would have been need to make a Wallace and Gromit film (1h 34m).

Last Friday, we did dance! Where we added some more styles to our dances through the ages dance! 
In art we made practise models of Viking art. We learnt about coils, making slips and scoring. We also made a slab and created animal faces.

Puffin’s class blog 09/03/2023
Yesterday in History, we were learning about how Vikings traded. We played a game where we had 4 playing cards and our first activity was to trade our cards to get 4 of the same number. We realised that if the Vikings only had 1 type of good it wouldn’t be very beneficial. They would want a variety of goods to live off of and trade with other people. The second activity was to get a set of consecutive numbers i.e. 2,3,4,5. The final activity was looking at the value of each card. We had to try to trade, trick, raid and explore to get the highest values of cards. You can see a video of this on our Class Dojo page!
In Science, we have been learning about solutes, solvents and solutions. We have been looking at dissolving and this week were investigating how to separate a mixture of materials e.g. coins and flour or sand and water.
Handball was great! We played some matches focusing on our passing techniques!
We were editing photos of ourselves in computing. Practising different skills and being creative. 
Last Friday, we celebrated World Book Day! The costumes were brilliant. We did a fun maths lesson where we investigated different genres of books. Naomi /and Emily compared the amount of the word ‘the’ on the first double page between a fiction and a non-fiction text. They found that fiction had the most ‘the’s. Tom, Jack, Stanley and Roman were comparing the type of speech within different texts from different times in history. Then they compared the amount of technical or historical language between books too.
We also celebrated our amazing behaviour in the hall by having a pyjama day. We were sooooooooooooo comfy!

Puffin’s Class Blog: 02/03/2023
Last Thursday, we did art. We started looking at Viking art and the different details they used and developed. We then tried to copy some of the various styles in our sketchbooks. Some of the patterns were easier than others.
On Tuesday, we saw our year R buddies. We had the opportunity to read books to them and we had a great time. 
Yesterday, we had a crazy lesson in PSHE where we played emotional bingo! It was hilarious. Roman thought he had to only get 3 in a row instead of a full row of 4!
In English, we have been working on gruesome character descriptions of Grendel- the monster from Beowulf. We got to read out some of our favourite paragraphs too!
Some of the girls went to a football tournament on Wednesday afternoon. Our A team scored 5-0 in one of their games! Well done girls!
Tomorrow we are celebrating World Book Day! We can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes!

Puffins Class blog 23/02/2023
We have started to play a problem-solving game! It’s called the ‘Desert Island Game’ and we have to find patterns in words that fit a particular rule. If we guess the rule we win! 
We started our handball lessons in PE on Tuesday. We have never learnt it before so we are excited. Mrs Hanson and Miss Dodsworth were really impressed with their amazing teamwork!
In Science, we put different materials in to water to see if they would dissolve. If they dissolved that material is ‘soluble’ and if it doesn’t it is called ‘insoluble’. We did an extra experiment where we dissolved sugar in water. We then left it in a warm place overnight and when we looked in the morning, the water had evaporated leaving the sugar crystals behind. 
Today we are doing art and we are really looking forward to it! We are looking at Viking art!