Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

Class Blog 23-24


We have learned so much this week! Here are some of our favourite highlights:


I liked the shading in art this week. - Henry

Comparing numbers in maths. - Anna

Drawing shaded circles with charcoals in art. - Zara

Following steps to use shapes to draw a koala. - Lakinzi

Sketching flowers in botanical drawing. - Ruby

Reading our story The Tin Forest in English. - Ru

When we learned about the Zones of Regulation. - Vinnie

Learning the name of our English book. - Arianna

Doing different poses in a PE game. - Faye

Learning about number lines in maths. - Fionn

Learning about states of matter and seeing what temperature ice, chocolate and wax melted. - Riayyan

Reading Wayside School! - Tommy

Drawing our partner in motion in art. - Jordan

Learning what foods people avoid for certain reasons, such as fasting. - Anusha

Writing a diary entry in English. - Sumaiya

Guitar lessons with Buster! - Jessica

Starting to learn songs on the guitar. - Sky

Publishing our diaries in English. - Sam

Drawing our partners doing poses and motions using charcoals. - Joshua

Outdoor learning with Miss Dodsworth. - Louie

Writing the diary entry and publishing it in English. - Polly

Comparing numbers in maths. - Mahadev

Making bug hotels in outdoor learning. - Lina

Outdoor learning was my favourite. - Tomas

Using number lines in maths. - Tillie

Bows and arrows in outdoor learning. - Lola

Number lines in maths. - Lilac

Writing a story about the Tin Forest in English. - Remy

Making a bug hotel. - Teddy



We have had a very busy return to school and a lot of fun!


One thing we enjoyed was learning about gas, liquid and solid materials and the different properties of different states of matter.


We are learning about the Zones of Regulation and managing our zones, and have contributed to a classroom display showing avatars in different zones.


We have started a new book in Power of Reading (which is Reading and English together) and used illustration to predict what will happen next.


Our first just for fun book is Sideways Stories from Wayside School and we have enjoyed starting that! We thought it was really funny and shocking when Mrs Gorf turned herself into an apple!


We have a lot to look forward to, including reading more of our books. We are excited to learn all about the Romans, dance and invasion games in PE and learning how to draw in Art.


Check back every Thursday for updates!