Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

23rd June 2023

Hello Everyone,


After another sweltering week!


After our phonic screen last week, we are starting our phonics lessons again.  We are revising the graphemes we learnt before the screen.  This week we have revised:


or  (ur) in words such as word, work, world, worth, worm, and worse.

u, oul (oo short)  in words such as playful, pudding, awful, octopus, push, pull,

                            put, full, could, would, should

are (air) in words such as care, share, dare, square, scare and stare

au, aur, oor, al (or) in words such as author, astronaut, dinosaur, poor, floor,

                            door, talk, walk, chalk      

Our tricky words for this week are;  their, once our, and laugh.


In English we have been enjoying some more poetry and practising letter formation and remembering how to write tricky words such as;  here, they, was, what, my, said, by, so, come, of.


In Maths we have been learning about money, all the different British coins and notes.  We could use our counting in twos, fives and tens to help work out how much money we had.


We are continuing to explore the history of Lady Joanna Thornhill.  We have looked at the difference between rich and poor people of the time and looked at the reasons why Lady J gave her money to the parish of Wye. 


Our sunflowers have suddenly taken off and we are continuing to monitor their development in science.  We also checked on our potatoes that we planted last term.  They are doing very well and some are starting to flower.  We should have a great crop very soon.


Our new Little Wandle Ebooks have been posted onto our accounts today, please check them out if you are able.


Our marble challenge this week has been won by the Ice cream team with a whopping score of 56!   Well done to the other teams who had very high scores too!


Love from the Fox Class.