Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

9th March 2023

Hello Everyone,

We had a fabulous time during our outdoor learning this week.  We  made animals that live outside in nature out of clay.  We made foxes, robins, hedgehogs, owls, bees, worms, squirrels, snakes, flies, butterflies, caterpillars, birds, snails, rabbits and ladybirds.  We met a baby lamb too whilst we were exploring our outside wooded area.  We will bring our sculptures home as soon as they are dry.


This week during phonics we have learnt some new graphemes that have familiar sounds attached to them. 

a (or) in words such as water, ball, wall, tall, call, small, all & always

the schwa sound u in words such as crocodile, animal, celebrate & difficult

a (o) in words such as want, what, salt, squash, swap, wasp, was & watch

ear (air) in words such as pear, bear, wear, tear & swear

ere (air) in words such as there & where


We revised the following tricky words; 

Who, whole, people, through, thought, because & eye.


This week in English we have been thinking of amazing verbs to describe how the wild things.  We thought of super adjectives to describe the wild things using connectives in the sentences. 


During Maths we have been using non-standard and standard measuring, using blocks and rulers.


We have started our new history topic, founding out about how people have communicated throughout history.  This week we have looked at illuminated texts, printing and the morse code!


New Ebooks have been added to everyone's accounts today.  The Little Wandle book the children have been practising is in their book bags.  


Our marble challenge this week has been won by the Snowdrop and Primrose teams with huge score of 48.  Well done to everyone else for a brilliant week.


Love from the Fox Class.